We Use Green Products

Fast Facts

  1. In Business since 1992
  2. Privately owned and operated corporation
  3. Not a franchise
  4. Insured and bonded
  5. Countless references
  6. Owners involved on each and every job
  7. Contractors with minimum of 2 years experience
  8. All contractors have extensive reference verifications, criminal background checks, and proper work permits
  9. Speaks English
  10. Uses Green products
  11. Uses own supplies and tools
  12. Competitively priced

For Your Protection

First Choice Maids is insured and bonded, don't hesitate asking to view our policy, we'll gladly present it.

Our contractors have undergone an extensive background and references check. We only hire experienced maids, fluent in English, who are legally qualified to work in the U.S.

First Choice Maids has all necessary and required licenses and permits for our various service offerings.

We're Real!

We are an incorporated business entity, and welcome you to verify our corporation by clicking the seal below, and typing in Pacifica Cleaning Group or #4974521.

Delaware incorporated for your protection

our Philosophy and vision

Welcome to First Choice Maids - San Francisco's premier residential maid service and commercial cleaning firm !

Welcome to our site and the professional services we offer. WE MAINTAIN PRE-SCREENED HOUSEKEEPERS in 41 REGIONS throughout the United States...If you're reading this, we have a local office in your neighorhood! We are family owned and operated and understand the importance of a clean warm family home. Our Philosophy is simple: Satisfy 100% of our Clients, 100% of the time. We mean it! If you aren't satisfied with our cleaning, we will return and clean for free! Take the time to explore our different services and scheduling menus...we look forward to delivering a unique, customized housekeeping session for you and your family. Please know that understanding our clients needs is our primary orientation.

Our vision is to continually evolve with the needs of our customers. We are San Francisco's top cleaning service firm because we carefully listen to our clients - and we respond. We thank our customers for all their feedback and we know they appreciate our attention to their concerns. Our maid and cleaning service will be here tomorrow cleaning your homes and offices however your future needs dictate. The cleaning industry has changed in the years we've been in business, and there will be environmental challenges ahead for all of us. Rest assured we are on top of the green cleaning movement and have changed our processes to conform not only to today's standards, but the inevitable mandates that lie ahead.

Join us in our quest: Let us take dirt off your hands.

We arrive at your home or office fully equipped with our own cleaning supplies and equipment. Where possible, we'll use green cleaning products for the protection of our environment and future. Our vacuums all have hepa filters ensuring we're not just blowing dust around your home. If you'd prefer us to use your own cleaning supplies or equipment - just let us know!
A quality cleaning service means different things to different people. That's why we stay in constant communication to ensure you are satisfied and quickly address any questions or concerns you may ever have. Our services are fully customized and tailored to meet your needs by initial walkthroughs and periodic reviews. Our ultimate driving goal is providing impeccable cleaning services exceeding all of your expectations!

Our History

San Francisco Maid and Cleaning Service Provider

Our maid service and cleaning company began with a simple need . . . we had to have our home cleaned.

When we personally experienced the high priced rates with low quality service, we decided to act. And First Choice Maids was born!

Some of the national franchise firms we tried were on time and courteous, but the crews they dispatched were teenagers with their first job, no experience, and just wanting to get in and out as fast as possible. Other firms couldn't speak English, so communicating needs was a true challenge. Several firms had no regard for timeliness - either showing up hours early, hours late, or even the day after the appointment was scheduled! And once the cleaning was done, very few actually did a superb job - seemed there was always something they missed, or didn't spend enough time on to truly make it spotless.

The shortcomings of these cleaning service providers built the foundation of success that First Choice Maids still employs today:

  1. Be on-time, friendly, and courteous
  2. Excellent communication to know wants and needs
  3. Clean the home as thorough as if it was ours
  4. Don't over-schedule appointments
  1. Hire only hard working and highly experienced personnel with impeccable references
  2. Be competitively priced and affordable
  3. "Good-Enough" is never good enough. Be the Best!

Many of our customers have unfortunately journeyed down the same path trying different cleaning firms! We hear their horror stories on a weekly basis. If this may be you, don't hesitate to call us, or get an on-line quote - and be prepared to join the rest of our long-term clients that value the highest quality cleaning services found throughout San Francisco!

Our Business Model

Most maid service and cleaning firms fall into one of two categories: locally owned and operated franchised providers, or independent local individuals, with each model having their pros and cons.

A franchised firm has name recognition, but pricing may be higher to support the franchise, and quality of service is totally dependent upon the franchise. An independent provider usually offers lower pricing than franchises, but may not possess all required permits and licenses, training, insurance, or contractor background and verification capabilities.

First Choice Maids is in the 'sweet spot' between these two extremes - all the advantages of a nationwide corporation, with the competitive pricing and quality of service provided by independent firms!

We are incorporated in the State of Delaware as a totally owned and operated division under Pacifica Cleaning Group. Our contractors are thoroughly background checked and trained. A highly competitive and fair price combined with consistent service quality is maintained by having First Choice Maids owners involved in each and every cleaning job, no matter how big or small.

Find out the difference between the franchised firms and local independents - Call First Choice Maids today!

Why First Choice Maids ?

  1. We're serious about Clean!
  2. We thoroughly and consistently CLEAN your home and we take this seriously. We train our professional teams well, and continue to educate and monitor their performance. We use the best tools and products available. We believe in best-practice quality control procedures and don't leave your home until we are satisfied that it's truly clean.

  3. We Custom Clean Your Home
  4. We want to clean your home the way YOU want it cleaned. What is important to you? What isn't? We think the best way to do this is to meet with you and develop a custom house cleaning plan that suits you, your lifestyle and your budget.

  5. Customer Service
  6. We take customer service seriously. It takes more time to develop a custom solution for your home and to make sure we consistently adhere to the plan. But the payoff can save you money and give you the peace of mind that you are getting your home cleaned your way.