Junk and Debris Disposal services

Its simply amazing how fast unwanted junk and debris can accumulate! Whether its simply replacing old appliances or mattresses with new ones, doing some landscaping, tearing down outdoor sheds, or even doing remodeling or new construction - junk grows quickly, and you want it gone!,

First Choice Maids professional Junk Removal Teams will load and dispose of all your unwanted items quickly and at low cost! No job is too small or too large - anything from an old mattress to major construction clean-up services, count on the disposal team from First Choice Maids to make your unwanted junk and debris dissapear!

We have all the permits and licenses to safely and legally work with city and county landfills. Electronics, paint, and household chemicals are removed and disposed at proper recycling centers. With the exception of bio-hazard or nuclear waste, we dispose of almost everything - if you have it, we'll haul it!

Count on First Choice Maids Junk and Debris Disposal Services to make your junk piles dissapear!

If you have an unwanted junk pile, We have a solution!
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Our Junk and Debris Disposal Services includes the following :

  1. Apartment Make Ready
  2. We remove all trash, furniture, carpeting, damaged appliances, and anything that needs to be disposed of from the interior of an apartment. Combine this with our Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning services, and the apartment is ready to be leased!

  3. Shed Demolition
  4. Have an outdoor shed or other structure thats become any eyesore? We quickly and efficiently take it away, both freestanding or attached to another building.

  5. Mattresses and Furniture
  6. Used mattresses usually aren't wanted by anyone, and often old furniture is in too poor condition to resell. Our disposal teams will take them out of your home or property.

  1. Foreclosure and Eviction Cleanout
  2. Unfortunately, most evictions leave the property trashed both inside and out. Let us haul away all the clutter before starting any required or needed repairs.

  3. Tree Debris Removal Services
  4. Whether its debris left over from trimming, or an entire downed tree, let our strong and quick Junk Disposal Team remove it from your property.

  5. Landscaping Debris Removal
  6. Often the simplest landscaping tasks create mounds of unwanted debris. Our disposal teams routinely remove left over clippings and branches, sod, dirt, pavers, old fences, sidewalks or other concrete, bricks, retaining walls - and countless other landscaping leftovers.

  1. Appliances
  2. We routinely pick up unwanted freezers, stoves, refrigerators, and other large appliances. We remove freon and abide by all local ordinaces protecting our environment. Also, if you purchase a used appliance, we will transport it to you home and install it.

  3. Construction Site Cleanup
  4. Either new construction or remodeling jobs, theres always piles of debris needing to be hauled away. Let our disposal teams clean up your construction project so you may enjoy your new surroundings.

  5. Garage and Attic Cleanouts
  6. Residential and Commercial Trash Outs
  7. Boat, car, RV, and trailer removal
  8. Yard Cleaning